One of the GREATEST wildlife conservation SUCCESS stories of our time


Trumpeter Swan is the largest swan in the world, and one of the heaviest flying birds is native to North America, with a wingspan of 8 feet and weight up to 30 pounds. Once they nested over most of North America with some estimates placed their number at more than 100,000. But by the 1880s they were almost hunted out of existence and were locally extinct in Ontario, Canada.

The Trumpeter Swan’s reintroduction to Ontario has been a story in the making for more than 30 years. Harry Lumsden, a retired biologist, made it his mission to bring the extinct Trumpeter Swans back to its traditional range in Ontario. Starting with just a few eggs, Harry and his volunteers have taken Trumpeter Swans in Ontario from extinct to a thriving population. For his leadership and unwavering dedication to Trumpeter Swan conservation, Lumsden was awarded membership to the Order of Canada in 2004, our country’s highest honour for lifetime achievement.

My journey with the Trumpeters started in the winter of 2015 when I first met the Trumpeters wintering at LaSalle park. I was moved and inspired by their recovery story. For the past four years I have been photographing the swans in an effort to understand their behaviours as well as to help with generating more awareness. My time with the Trumpeters in snow, ice, fog, and rain were filled with many wondrous heart felt moments and has allowed me to understand what goes on behind the scenes. The sights and sounds of the Trumpeters world captivates me. I have already learned so much, and also grateful to get to know some swan personalities individually.

Video:Trumpeter Swans of Ontario Preview